UDP gov’t will eliminate First Lady’s office – Darboe By Omar Bah


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The leader of the United Democratic Party, Ousainu Darboe has said that a UDP government will eliminate the office of the First Lady.

“There will be no First Lady’s office under the leadership of a UDP government. If I am the President my wives will not have an office,” he told supporters at a rally in Bakau Sunday.

The UDP leader said one of  his wives who is a nurse midwife will go to the hospitals and work like other nurses whiles the other one will serve humanity in another capacity.

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“But they will not form a foundation.  I will not allow my wives to head foundations that will benefit me and my family. I will not accept that. I want to emphasise that the First Lady has no official function in this country, there is nothing official in being the wife of the President. The Constitution has not recognised any role of the First Lady,” he added.

He criticised government’s decision to allow the First Lady through her foundation to distribute over 50 tons of dates given to government for distribution to Gambians.

“This was exactly what Yahya Jammeh and Zineb Jammeh were doing in this country,” he said.

He said although the Coalition was tasked to reform government institutions and build the foundation for the next government, they instead decided to focus on party politics. “There is no change. The only changes we have are those who were in guard post but the system has not changed”.

“The World Bank has recently indicated that it is difficult to do business in The Gambia. We were ranked in 134 but now we are at 155; we are just going backward, we are just ahead of four countries. That is a sign of a failed State. This is because we don’t have capacity to establish businesses,” Darboe said.


Franchise for Gambians abroad

Mr Darboe said there is need for Gambians abroad to register and participate in the country’s elections.

This, he added, should be seriously considered by the government and the IEC.

“Those who are in the country and want to vote in 2021 for change, UDP is the solution,” he said.

Also speaking at the rally, former Minister Amadou Sanneh said the United Democratic Party executive has not yet decided on the three or five years issue, arguing that they are waiting for the Gambian people to decide and that whatever they decide will be followed by the executive.

The UDP deputy leader Aji Yamou Secka said President Barrow’s rule is all but over.

“The leadership of President Barrow is all but over. The women of this country voted him into office and we are going to remove him. Barrow, I want to tell you that your leadership is all but over with the grace of God. Be it three or five years your presidency is all but over…UDP is coming to the State House,” she said

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