TRRC witness slams Presidential Aide for insensitivity to victims


Binta Nyabally, the TRRC witness who narrated how Adama Barrow and others went into hiding when soldiers raided UDP leader Ousainu Darboe’s house in 2016, has fired back at those critical of her testimony.

One of them, Essa Dampha, a political aide to Barrow said Nyabally’s comments were politically motivated. Dampha also suggested that Nyabally was not among those dragged to court by the Jammeh regime over their roles in the protests .

In her reaction, Binta Nyabally asked Mr Dampha to come forward with his evidence suggesting that she was not part of the demonstrators who were detained. ” Let him just visit YouTube to satisfy himself.

I have sworn to speak the truth and I had done just that. I think Dampha should be sensitive to the plight of the victims and refrain from politicising their testimonies only to gain recognition,” Nyabally said.

She said Essa Dampha has not been known to be an ardent Adama Barrow supporter otherwise he would have recognized the people who fought and struggled alongside Barrow.

“I know for sure that Adama Barrow will know and recognise me because he even came to my place in Bakoteh to have a meeting shortly before the convention and I have continued to support him at all times. Even now he is my president. But I wonder where Essa Dampha was at that time. When has he become a staunch supporter of Barrow”? she asked.

Nyabally said Essa Dampha and his types are the ones who will mislead Barrow to forget his past and the people he fought with.