NCP splinter group urges IEC to act now


By Amadou Jadama

The leader of the National Convention Party splinter group led by Yaya Sanyang, has called on the country’s electoral body to conduct a congress immediately for the party to end the leadership squabble between his and the Majanko Samusa camps.

NCP is in the throes of a civil war after the two factions both held congresses last December prompting the IEC to suspend the party for six months to enable the two sides sort out their differences.
One faction is led by Nominated National Assembly Member Majanko Samusa, and the other by Sanyang.

However, the six months suspension period has elapsed three months ago but the two factions have neither come to terms nor has the IEC lifted the suspension order or issued a statement clarifying its position on the impasse.

Talking to The Standard yesterday, Sanyang stated his case: “We have made several attempts to correct the problem through dialogue with the Majanko camp, but to no avail. If one party is willing and wants to approach the other side to reconcile, the other side should also reciprocate. That is what we expected, but so far we have not been successful.
“We have even gone to the extent of forming a sub-committee comprising members from both sides to meet and dialogue. One of the outcomes from that dialogue is that the leaders of the factions, that is, myself and Majanko, should step down so that the party will look at a new dispensation. I made it categorically clear that, I was willing to step down, rather than let the party die.

“But I did not hear any corresponding statement from Mr Samusa. There is lot of foot dragging from their side, not to meet with us, much more to discuss the recommendations, and the IEC is aware of the efforts that my faction has undertaken to create rapport between the two factions.

“My feeling is that the IEC should be more resolute inlooking into the matter. I have several correspondences with me from our faction to the IEC, updating them on some of the things that we have been doing. The suspension was for six months. That has now elapsed, and we have not heard anything from the IEC.IEC should come out and let us know where they stand and what is the resolution of the problem, because we are more than willing for NCP to become one unified party, and whatever it will take, we will cooperate to unify the party.

“I have even suggested to them to organise a congress for the party, and we are ready to be there and to participate.
“The ban is not a good choice for the party, because the members are denied from freely participating in the political activities in the country and they are citizens of this country. So, they should be free to take part in the political life of the country”.