Local Gov’t Amendment Bill Is A Foundation For Corruption – Kandeh – Gambia Radio Stations


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By Mafugi Ceesay

The Gambia Democratic Congress leader has described the recently passed local government amendment bill as a foundation for corruption.
The bill, which was tabled by National Assembly member for Lower Baddibu Alagie Jawara, sparked controversy among members.

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“Political parties cannot afford to finance candidates just for them to go their own ways or join other parties when they are elected. That is unacceptable,” Mamma Kanteh said at a meeting where hundreds of people claiming to be Barrow’s NPP supporters announced they have joined the GDC.

He said the bill passed by parliament last Friday “is not in the interest of The Gambia because when it comes into law, elected officials can be bribed to abandon the parties that have invested heavily in them to move to become independent or to somewhere else just as we have seen in the case of the National Assembly Members.

“The celebration seen at the National Assembly is a clear manifestation that those who supported the bill have ulterior motives. As far as I am concerned, I cannot help you get elected – you in-turn want to undermine me.If you think you are popular enough, why should you seek a party ticket to run for an election in the first place?I am sure that some people won elections only because of the popularity of their parties not their own. So it is not fair for the parties to lose control of their sponsored candidates who under this law can only use them to get elected and then abandon them for greener pastures anywhere without any consequences. That is a bad law. Jammeh was more powerful than Adama Barrow; he could have used his powers to bring to his party anyone he feels like bringing – but he didn’t do that. I cannot understand why the lawmakers should change a law just to allow people to shift allegiance from their party to another.That is not fair,” he added.

The GDC leader said he is proud and grateful to his National Assembly members like Alagie Sowe, Omar Ceesay and other NAMs like Ya Kumba Jaiteh for their loyal stand in protecting the interestof the Gambian people.
“I am sending my greatest gratitude to these unflinching members. We don’t see Barrow as our enemy, we just want to set the records straight,” he said.

Kandeh said the rumours on social media about two gift cars were actually given to him by Hamidou Jah, his childhood friend.
“But this has really taught me a lesson. I now know that if they have any little thing to capitalise on to destroy me, they will do it. This is something they cannot capitalise on,” he said.

NPP supporters join GDC
It was also announced at the meeting that over 2500 members of the Kanifing Municipal Youth Movement who were in the NPP had cross-carpeted to the GDC.
The youths, it was said, were part of the Gambia For Five Years Movement.
Welcoming the new members to the party, Kandeh said the country’s young people must not allow politicians to use them.

“The Gambia is very unfortunate to have a president like Adama Barrow. Barrow and his government are more corrupt than the former Jammeh government. It is disheartening that Barrow and his people despite witnessing all the struggle under Jammeh they have not learned anything meaningful,” he said.

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