Letter To A True Leader, Hon. Touma Ousainou Njie



Dear Hon. Fatoumatta Touma Ousainou Njie,
I extend my most thoughtful secular compliments to you, dear worthy servant.
I Love you!
Honestly! In you, I recognize the fact that wisdom, truth, honesty and reason is no more a character reserved for the philosophers or the so called pious people to maneuver with.
Indeed you have given hope for those who envisage a progressive and forth thinking society based on national values, and those of the complex global setting.

Your intervention on the controversial discourse on the secular status of The Gambia on Wednesday 27 of November 2019 is in dept the most progressive, constructive, intuitive and forthright input in what is supposed to be the House of All people in the pseudo New Gambia.

De jure, The Gambia is a secular state; those who dispute this fact are either ignorant of the law and the doctrine or are deliberately distorting it to fit their agenda. You do not only understand this but even more you are equally, cognizant that by de facto circumstances, the law and doctrine is not being observed by those who occupy public offices thus the reason for your just call for the removal of the Mosque at public places including the State House of The Gambians (Not the State of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, or any other group save “The Gambians” (the citizenry)) as contained under section 8 of the 1997 Constitution of The Gambia without any consideration to religion, ethnicity or personal believes.

The character you manifested as a representative of “ALL” and “NOT A SELECTED” group, in speaking against the utter disregard of the secular statues of The Gambia, shall stand the assessment of time, and posterity will in no time hail you for setting straight forth how a true representative of the PEOPLE should represent them.
Feel good!!!
Even in this tragic reaction by the public, mostly by individuals who are emotionally charged; do not feel lonely, regard it as a natural penalty you should pay in the service of a cosmopolitan society.

Most or all human beings being just humans will always act or react in accordance with what they IMAGINE to be true or the truth about THEMSELVES and the UNIVERSE. Of themselves, they have the absolute right in as much it doesn’t affect the next neighbor but of the universe, no one can hold for another, what embodies a universal truth of right and wrong especially in matters of faith. Such issues are entirely subjective and would forever remain so, thus among other reasons why I personally so much cherish the doctrine of secularism.

Feel good!
Sincere leaders don’t seek happiness in the wrong approval of (especially) majority of their uninformed subjects. If there is any moral question involved, the ultimate Judge of even those who “condemned” you –will Judge. So feel good even when they Judge you today!
…And I look forward to hearing Him (The judge) asked them the following questions:
“Why did you vote for leaders” (In this instance, accepting the people’s rule (democracy) and not “Godcracy”)?
“Why did you, theocratic Gambians allow Churches to be built in and Christians, Hindus, Jews, Pagans, Jews among others live in The Gambia without paying royalties to you”?
“Why did you celebrate Jizzle and even wrangle amongst you in comparing him with Brikama Boyo”?
“Why did you allow night clubs, Bars and even Alcohol companies all over your supposed theocratic Gambia”?
“Why didn’t you observe the absolute dictates of the Glorious Quran and the teachings of the Prophet (Puh) etc.
Then they will realize indeed they are archetypal hypocrites.

Ma, many people have made terrible mistakes in their lives; it cost some entirely while others recovered. Those are mistakes or errors, the nomenclatures are not far distant from being self explanatory in common day English language.
Far from your deliberations, they were evidently deliberate. You were aware of what you said, and knew the consequences thereof in a society still, deeply embedded in political ignorance. That is the heroine you are! Indeed a leader!
Brash up, lets swim!
With Love from
Toney F Mendy
(The Seeker)