Gambians in Norway donate to TRRC


The Association of Gambians in Oslo, Norway presented a cheque for D100, 000 to the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission as their contribution towards victims’ support.

Speaking at the Presentation ceremony at the TRRC, Mr Sheikh Tijan Nyang, a representative of the association in The Gambia said the association was formed in the ’70s with aim of supporting Gambians in Norway.

The association’s support he added, has now been extended to education by providing scholarships to students in both conventional and Arabic schools and health.
Mr Nyang spoke about the revelations at the TRRC hearings and expressed hope that justice would be served, and that the D100, 000 would help to heal the wounds of those that suffered.

Mam Sait Njie, another representative of the Association in the country, said the composition of the Commission, has given great hope to Gambians that issues surrounding rights violations would be addressed. He hoped that the commission would be able to manage the situation despite its complexity. “Whatever the commission recommends, that’s what the people will believe”.

He recognised that the task is difficult and finally thanked the Commission for the noble job.

The deputy chairperson of the Commission, Mrs Adelaide Sosseh, who led the Europe leg of the TRRC Diaspora engagements, said their visit was in line with the TRRC mandate and one of the main objectives was to raise funds for the interim reparations to victims.

She said they were met with great Gambian hospitality, adding that Gambians in Norway and other countries responded positively towards the engagement. Mrs Sosseh revealed that while in Europe, the team did not only embark on fundraising but also managed to reconcile people. She thanked the donors for the support and clarified that the government is primarily responsible for granting reparations.
Source: TRRC