Former UDP Chairman Welcomes NPP


Karamo Jadama, the former UDP chairman in the North Bank Region has said the birth of the National People’s Party of President Barrow is a welcome news for his supporters across the country.

Speaking to The Standard, Jadama said the next step is to formally launch the party which will most preferably be done at either in West Coast or KMC.
”Ideally it should happen at the stadium in Bakau but those details will be worked out by the leadership soon,” he said.

Jadama said that day will be a landmark in the Gambia’s political history as people will massively show their support to President Barrow after a long wait.

Jadama, who was expelled by his native UDP along with 8 National Assembly Members, said the North Bank Region will apply for the NPP’s first rally to be held in NBR. ”When we get that opportunity, we will choose a town or a village and that day will also be a landmark in The Gambia,” Jadama concluded.

President Adama Barrow’s National People’s Party was registered by the IEC Tuesday.