After a 5-year absence, Bakau Park comes back to live


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By Ebrima Garba Dampha

After nearly six years of desertion, the popular Bakau Nawettan park is back to life with its new look and fresh ambiance.

The park has been refurbished and fitted with grass and top class posts and nets.

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The new environment has brought back nostalgia and the ever present fanfare as 25 teams vie for the league title and knock-out championship this year.

The organisers have put in place an elaborate programme that they promised will bring back the glorious past of the Bakau Zone which has been affected by disputed finals and chaotic oragnisation.

So far this year, large crowds have been trooping to the park as passionate fans cheer their teams comprising players from Katchically to Fajara.

This year’s programme started with a spectacle as Katchically took on 5 Junction. It ended 1-0 to Katchically.

Another thriller was Farokono vs Bremen Border. It ended 2-0 to Farakono.

Abdoulie Jadama started the day for Farokono when he fired in an early goal, added on by Bakary Jatta late in the match to seal the day for Farokono.

In other matches Fajara United beat Late F2 Drammeh 1-0, but Fajara was stripped off their points after Late F2 Drammeh won and appeal against them.

Other results:
Birmingham 0 Vidar 2
Fajara South 1 Kansala 1
Zuwa 2- Six and One 1
Katchically 1 Prime Saudi 1
Jimbe 1 Dwaynamics 1
Junior Arms 4 -Five Junction 0

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